What our audiences said about The Godmother

Our students (and teachers) had a wonderful time bringing the story of Lily Thomas home to Burton. It seems that our audiences loved it too.

We staged just two performances of new play The Godmother, by local writer Elaine Pritchard at The Trinity, George Street, Burton.

Here are just a few of the comments from our audiences:

  • What an amazing achievement! The performance and the story were really woven into something very special. #BeMoreLily. I wish I was going again tonight.
  • StageScreen what a wonderful and powerful performance from your brilliant students tonight! I cried more than once. It was a beautiful and a great story of hope against adversity!
  • It’s such a great story. Nice to see such a young cast too.
  • Wonderful, well done. What a fabulous story.
  • We really enjoyed it and the children were fantastic. It was a very moving story and told with great conviction by all.
  • It was so good and everyone played their part magnificently.
  • Thank you to the cast of Lily Thomas we really enjoyed the show. Loved the Burton history.
  • It was a privilege to watch. It was absolutely fab. I learned so much. Well done to everyone.
  • Really loved last night’s show. Well done to all and enjoy tonight’s. Thank you for bringing this story to life; it is uplifting and sad in equal measure.

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