StageScreen students make their West End debut

After three months of exciting rehearsals, students from StageScreen and our sister school StageScreen Musical Theatre Associates performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre yesterday.

Thirty five excited youngsters travelled to London’s West End to step on to the stage that is home to The Phantom of the Opera.

Here we are outside the stage door waiting to go in. StageScreen on the West End

We performed four numbers: One Night, One Moment, Sparkle and Shine; What’s Inside; ’13’ and The Schuyler Sisters.

It was thrilling to walk in the footsteps of so many great performers.

Backstage at Her Majesty's Theatre

Principal Heather Gallagher said: “I want to just say how immensely proud I am of each and every single student! Their work ethic over the last 12 weeks has been phenomenal.

Heather Gallagher and students outside Her Majesty's Theatre

“I would say to them, your teachers and I have been strict with you and have pushed you and that showed last night up on that stage! You all performed the best you ever have. 100% energy, 100% character, 100% focus and lots of patience while your teachers and chaperones tried to make everything run smoothly and calmly for you.

“There were some very special moments for me as Principal taking my first school to perform in the West End, which included:

💜 Watching our seven & eight-year-olds perform strongly without a scrap of nerves.

💜 Witnessing a perfect backstage moment during rehearsal as a nine-year-old stood, entirely focussed and ready to step into stage and then turned around with wonder in her eyes saying ‘This is my dream!’ Then turning back and taking her first steps into that huge stage.

💜 Seeing an eight-year-old melt adults hearts as she left the stage and wished members of the next group (strangers) good luck for their performance.

💜 Seeing my 16 MTA students ROCK the stage with their Hamilton number and then, after a second round of applause started by other schools, ALL individually and collectively spontaneously shouted ‘Thank you’ before exiting stage right.

💜 Seeing the 11-year-old who had got so worried during rehearsal that she had a nosebleed take the microphone and sing her solo line and then come off saying ‘I did it!!’

💜 Seeing how respectful and in awe some of the StageScreen students were of our MTA group and their performance and harmonies.

West End stage debut

💜 Witty banter and great behaviour in the dressing rooms.

💜 The best backstage etiquette as they had been told to respect all other performers and remained silent until out of the backstage area.

💜 A 14-year-old use her head and collect props from stage that had been left- when it wasn’t her assigned job.

💜 The sheer determination and level of committed performance each and every student brought to the stage. They are all at different stages in their journey but each one took a massive step up last night and performed at a different level.

💜 The joy in the faces when they came off having done well.

💜 The anticipation in their faces as they waited for the principal and teacher feedback.

💜 The undying loyalty and support of all my teachers and chaperones who have  supported the student’s dreams and worked INCREDIBLY hard all day.

“It’s a day I’ll never forget.”