Show week for The Godmother!

Show week is here! Our students perform a new play, The Godmother, at The Trinity in Burton upon Trent on Thursday and Friday (December 9 and 10).

Yesterday was our dress rehearsal. Our young cast did a great job of managing props, costumes and staging in the iconic venue.

The Godmother dress rehearsalLily and the MC at Godmother dress rehearsal





TThe Godmother tells the true story of Lily Thomas, a widow from Rosliston Road in Stapenhill. She decided to organise food parcels every two weeks for Burton men who were captured in World War 1 and held in German prison camps.

StageScreen Principal, and producer of The Godmother, Heather Gallagher, explained: “The Trinity was George Street Methodist Church in Lily’s day. It played a key role in her story. Chruch trustees donated cash to Lily’s fund. They also allowed Lily free use of the Sunday School rooms to hold fundraising concerts.

View of The Godmother dress rehearsal from the balcony at The Trinity

“This Wednesday (December 8) is the 103rd anniversary of a thanksgiving service held in the George Street church to mark the end of the war. Lily attended. Some of the soldiers who had been released from prison camps were also there. It’s strange to think that our Lily will be literally stepping in the footsteps of the real Lily just over a century later.”

There is a strong flavour of the music hall tradition in The Godmother. Songs from the period are included. Audience members are welcome to join in. A free four-page programme will be given to everyone. It will include choruses of the songs as well as more historical information about Lily.

Lily was a hero

In the run-up to show week, playwright Elaine Pritchard received a message of support from descendants of one of the soldiers Lily supported: “The work of Lily, so difficult considering the difficulties of distance, communication and bureaucracy, needs more recognition. From my family’s perspective, she was a hero; someone who took the initiative and showed great skill in addressing a problem.”

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