Covid Procedures

StageScreen is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of all students, staff and volunteers and will continue to follow the advice of the UK Government, NHS, Public Health England and our local Health Protection Team.

We will continue to review and update our procedures as the situation develops and as more information becomes available.

In order to attend classes or workshops in person, parents must agree to complete the health questionnaire for each day that their child attends a class or workshop in person. This questionnaire confirms that no-one in their household has any of the specified symptoms or has been told to self-isolate. The questionnaire is linked from the home page of this website.

Children may supply their own PPE equipment, but it is not the responsibility of teachers to ensure it is used or worn correctly. It is not to be worn during any physical activity.

No parents will be allowed on site. Children must be dropped off and collected, by one parent only, at specified places that will be notified in writing ahead of classes and workshops. They must arrive wearing StageScreen uniform and with suitable dance shoes in a clearly-named bag.

On arrival, all students must immediately wash their hands and have their temperature taken with an infrared thermometer. Any child with a fever will be immediately isolated and their parents will be contacted to collect them.

Students will be allocated a 2m square space (or more) to use throughout their session. They will bring their shoe bag into this space to change shoes.

If sessions are longer than 45 minutes there will be a staggered break to wash hands. Breaks, use of bathrooms and a one-way system in corridors will be closely monitored to ensure that social distancing is always upheld.

Singing will only take place in small bubbles of student groups. Children will be placed side by side or back to back with three-metre-plus social distancing in place.

Any student, student’s family member, teacher or volunteer who tests positive for COVID-19 up to two weeks after an in-person event must immediately inform StageScreen management. The bubble that is affected will immediately be notified. If this happens when classes are running in term time, the affected bubble will be shut down and spaces deep-cleansed in accordance with Government guidance “COVID-19: cleaning in non-healthcare settings”.

If a student is incapable of following any of the new rules introduced as a result of COVID-19, StageScreen has the right to remove the student from classes. This will be on a case-by-case basis and no refund will be offered.

Teacher and volunteers will adhere to strict procedures regarding cleaning high contact points including (but not limited to) door handles, sinks and taps, bannisters and any equipment used in class. They will also wash their hands regularly, observe social distancing and complete the staff health questionnaire.

Rooms will be ventilated as much as possible.

Risk assessments will be regularly updated.