Lighting Design Day!

We can’t wait to share some wonderfully creative videos from classes this week! For now here’s a snapshot. Our students had great fun learning about lighting design and techniques to create atmosphere on stage. With lots of different lights and props on hand, they were really able to get inventive and let their imaginations run wild! 

We are so blessed with a wonderful teaching faculty that bring such wonderful learning opportunities to our students each week!

Back to classes

We had an absolutely fantastic first day back to classes today!! Lots of new faces as well as those returning for a brand new year! So much focussed energy and learning done on a Saturday morning! We are almost completely full in all age groups now and we are so grateful to be promoting kindness through performing arts to so many!

Shrek Over and Out!

What a fantastic 2 performances!! Thanks to every single student. It takes an army (and a Principal with a penchant for lists and over organisation) to make a great musical with so many children. We are extremely grateful to all students, parents, chaperones, volunteers, Brewhouse staff and all teachers to helping get this incredible show, not only on its feet, but a complete SMASH HIT!! The feedback we are getting from audiences is just mind blowing! From the ages of 4-14 all showing talent and theatre craft well above their years! These 2 photos speak volumes- 1) amazing performance and enjoyment and 2) listening to notes with perfect respect to get better and better. Shrek over and out!

1 Week To Go!

Shrek Jr is just a week away in performance! Have a listen to 3 of our cast singing a song from Shrek recently! Meet Shrek, Donkey and Fiona! (Hettie, Arianna & Honor) We can’t wait to see the fantastic talent of StageScreen students take to The Brewhouse Arts Centre stage! Tickets are limited but you can still grab some for both the 2.30 and 6pm performances on Sat 9th December at