StageScreen groups Debut, Spotlight and Encore offers professional-level training for three hours per week during term time at an hourly rate of only £8.33.

Starlet classes offer professional-level training for 45 mins per week during term time at a class rate of only £6.00.

In order to make StageScreen more inclusive and affordable fees are calculated and split over the year,  payable by direct debit in advance and are taken for only 11 months of the year, with a payment holiday in August.

StageScreen fees are all inclusive during term time. There are no extras charged for masterclass visits, progress reports, specialist tuition or recorded media made available online and we also provide your child’s first uniform (StageScreen T-Shirt).

*A 25% discount applies to siblings

Fees for Debut, Spotlight and Encore Students         £82.00 per Calendar Month

Fees for Sibling Students                                                         £61.50 per Calendar Month

Fees for Starlight Students                                                   £20.00 per Calendar Month